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A dynamic, professional public speaker, I am passionate about sharing my expertise, insight, knowledge and applicable messages sprinkled with humour at pretty much any function.

My areas of expertise include older adult recreation and healthy living; volunteer and staff recognition and inspirational, faith-filled motivation.  I focus on applicable life lessons delivered with an interactive zest and lots of laughs supported by evidence-based research.

If you’re looking for the speaker to wow your next event – you found me!

What are people saying about Nancy?

Thanks for attending our Active Adults fair in Stratford.  As our Keynote Speaker, your witty message and engaging personality made it all happen on stage. People loved hearing about your life journey and how to impact their own. You are a great entertainer that truly sends the message – embrace life no matter what challenges you face.

Carys WH

I wanted to reach out to you and say a HUGE thank you for your recommendation of Nancy Revie as a speaker at our Volunteer Appreciation event.  We held our event last night and I have to say I have never seen such an engaged audience; she is such a lovely, witty and motivating speaker.

Thank you, thank you!

Nadine S

Nancy is a very engaging person. She is also an effective public speaker. She anticipates the mood and interests of her audience and connects with them effectively and with sincerity.

Dr. Bob

Serving up common sense advice laced with a healthy dose of rib-tickling laughter, Nancy Revie motivational speaker extraordinaire, puts her finger on the ups, downs, and sideways of life inspiring each soul to reach for greater happiness